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Anzurra was approached by a leading Danish law firm to assist in identifying and attracting a Partner level professional operating in the Danish legal sector.

The client works across the real estate, construction, shipping, transportation, and energy sectors.

However, a lack of experience at leadership level meant that despite their market knowledge and growing presence they were not maximizing their potential within a thriving market.


Although well-networked, attracting Partner level hires can prove a difficult path to navigate. Existing relationships meant that directly approaching candidates could result in potential conflict and often a company’s immediate network is not representative of the best talent in the wider market. Without a pipeline of relevant talent, being able to identify and hire the right candidate for their potential requirement would be extremely challenging.

Furthermore, the client had little knowledge of what remuneration packages were on offer with their competitors. This could cause additional challenges at offer and on-boarding stages.

With the market increasingly active it also meant that our client could face fierce competition for the best experts. These competitors are well known in Denmark as well as internationally and boast excellent reputations.

Should the business want to continue their upward growth trajectory, they would have to be able to identify, attract and retain leading professionals both effectively and efficiently.


Anzurra developed a market mapping and intelligence gathering exercise that would provide the client with a detailed view of the market and the following data:

  • Industry experts that fulfilled the client brief.

  • Detailed work history and background checks.

  • Salary benchmarking and package information.

  • Move motivators and drivers.

  • Local mobility and visa challenges.

  • Brand reputation and perception.

  • Market insight and business development opportunities.

  • Competitor information.

First, our dedicated team were given the requirements and responsibilities of a Partner level opening that would potentially be required by our client. 

This information allowed Anzurra to identify all professionals that met the role requirements and carry out preliminary screening and interviews alongside personality and cultural assessment.

From this information, we were able to build a comprehensive database of Partners across the Danish market. The client had access to a live pipeline of potential candidates, could understand their move motivators, expectations and who they could be competing against.


​By utilising a proactive market mapping solution, our client now had access to a live pipeline of suitable professionals and could develop a talent attraction strategy based on the intelligence gathered.

Anzurra continued to update the market map and manage this specific pool of talent to ensure our client stayed ahead of the curve.

The client was able to quickly identify the best fit professionals for several key positions. 

Information regarding remuneration expectations, move motivators, career drivers and local mobility were key in streamlining the hiring process. This led to hire quickly engaged, who was able to bring immediate revenue to the business and that the much-needed foresight to maximise their market potential.