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A leading Danish law firm engaged Anzurra to identify and attract an experienced Senior Attorney with experience in construction law and the FIDIC suite of contracts.

With ongoing investment into the construction of infrastructure and renewable energy projects throughout the region, our client was experiencing an ever-growing demand for legal experts with knowledge of FIDIC based contracts.


Despite the law firm having a strong network within construction law and the industry, the Partner’s had reached the point where their contacts had been exhausted or approaches for certain professionals was not feasible due to conflict of interest or inappropriateness.

Furthermore, Attorneys with the level of expertise in construction law and FIDIC within Denmark are in relatively short supply but extremely high demand. This meant that they would not only be difficult to identify but there would also be a higher level of competition to attract them.

Anzurra’s consultants have an extensive track record of placing legal, contracts and claims experts into leading employers, contractors and consultancies operating on some of the world’s largest and most complex projects that work against FIDIC forms of contract.

The client required an individual that had over 10 years’ experience in drafting and negotiating construction contracts, advising on FIDIC based contracts, managing and leading claims, litigation and strategy, and had specifically worked on large scale international construction projects. The candidate was required to speak Danish fluently, be well connected within the industry and ideally be based in Copenhagen.

The talent pool was therefore extremely limited.


Our consultants carried out extensive market research consisting of mapping competitors that had strong construction practices, as well as in-house and industry professionals that had the required experience, a background in law firms and a qualified Attorney-at-law. Furthermore, Anzurra identified individuals that were not in the immediate Danish talent pool. These included foreign lawyers based in the Nordic region or had a connection to Denmark and Danish nationals based overseas that would be interested to return to Copenhagen.

Anzurra presented these results, in an agreed timeframe of 2 weeks, which provided key market intelligence such as:

  • Industry experts that were well versed in construction law and FIDIC.

  • Detailed work history, relevant experience and information surrounding existing client base and potential revenue that could be brought with them.

  • New References and background checks.

  • Salary benchmarking and package information.

  • Move motivators and drivers.

  • Local mobility and visa challenges.

  • Brand reputation and perception.

  • Market insight and business development opportunities.

  • Competitor information.

From this information a shortlist of the best fit professionals was confirmed. Face to face interviews and background checks were then carried out alongside the relevant Partners, allowing them to make an informed decision and offer the chosen individuals best fit for the requirement.

Anzurra then assisted the client with delivering and presenting the offers, provided guidance to candidates during resignation, dealing with counter offers, and gathering any documentation required for onboarding.


Anzurra was able to deliver not only 1 but 2 suitable candidates for this highly challenging assignment.

One of the candidates was a Senior Attorney working for a competitor and although known to the client, was never considered due to the assumption that they would not be interested to move. Anzurra was able to ‘unlock’ this passive talent through communicating the client’s unique selling points and vision, as well as their culture and values, which were well aligned to the candidate.

The second candidate was a professional outside of the immediate talent pool, as they were based outside of the country and therefore not immediately visible. The candidate had a specific desire to work in Copenhagen, whilst retain an international aspect to their work. Their international experience was an excellent fit for the client, as they had worked on some of the world’s most challenging infrastructure projects.

The market intelligence and salary information we gathered proved vital to a streamlined offer and acceptance phase. Whilst the candidate and personal assessments provided the client with confidence that both experts would be committed to the law firm, the vision and a good cultural fit.

By utilising our existing knowledge of construction law, FIDIC, contracts management and a tailored and focussed search, Anzurra was able to efficiently identify the best fit candidates within the outlined timeframe