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High Growth International Real Estate Company


Anzurra was retained by Logicor, one of the largest owners and operators of modern logistics and distribution real estate in Europe.

Logicor is headquartered in London, with regional offices in Finland, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Romania and Hungary.

Logicor Nordics’ real estate portfolio covers 85 logistics and warehouse properties along key logistic routes in Finland and Sweden. The total leasable area of the properties is 1.3 million square meters.

Logicor Nordics identified the need to appoint a Senior Asset Manager to be based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Danish Asset Manager was to be part of the Nordics team, headquartered in Finland, and reporting to the Managing Director of Logicor Nordics.

The requirement is the result of the business expanding the Nordic business and was the first position in Denmark.

This position is a key role and a strategic hire that is vital to the expansion of Logicor in the Nordic region.

The ideal candidate was to be an expert within the Danish real estate sector and have experience in asset management, portfolio optimisation, acquisitions, divestment, transactions, commercial lease, financial and legal matters.

It was essential that the search be completed within a month and time was of the essence.

Anzurra was to provide international search expertise coupled with local insight and utilise extensive experience of working within the Danish real estate sector.


Despite the success of the business in the region and a growing international presence, this was the first time the company was to hire in Denmark. 

An individual that is an expert within Danish real estate, well connected to brokers, law firms and potential clients, yet could integrate into an international company with a dynamic environment was key.

Furthermore, the search was to be completed within a short timeframe due to recent acquisitions of real estate and a growing need to be present in-country.

The challenges of searching for niche talent, lack of market reputation in Denmark, and no physical presence, the obstacles the business faced were clear.


Anzurra met with the Managing Director for the Nordics, the Investment Director, and HR Manager, in Helsinki, Finland to gain a detailed understanding of the business, the culture, the requirements and the ideal candidate profile. This allowed Anzurra and Logicor to establish agreed search parameters and a strict process and timeframe, that would ultimately result in the identification and attraction of the most suitable candidate. 

This information was to be the foundation for developing a positive perception with potential candidates in the market and positioning the business as an attractive place to work.

Anzurra’s specialist team then carried out detailed market research and intelligence gathering to source a list of key professionals in the market. These professionals were interviewed in detail allowing us to better understand individual technical capabilities, salary and package insight, ambitions, personality traits, and role suitability. A shortlist of selected talent was then presented to Logicor, alongside interview reports and recommendations.

Following a detailed meeting to discuss feedback, the final 4 candidates were selected for face-to-face interviews taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Interviews were carried out by Logicor’s Investment Director and Tom Church.

Due to the recent coronavirus developments we had to adapt and adjust the format with the Managing Director joining via video link, which was just as effective as being there in person.

After the interviews and debriefing, Logicor chose 2 candidates to proceed with and carry out assessment tests on. The assessments evaluated the following areas: Personality, Situational Judgment and Engagement & Drivers.

The 3 assessments and reports were completed by Anzurra within the same week of the interviews, allowing Logicor to review and decide on the candidate that they would like to take to the final stages.

Direct contact was made between the Managing Director, Investment Director and the preferred candidate, with Anzurra staying in contact and relaying key information regarding package expectations. The candidate was offered in the 4th week of the assignment, which was accepted with little negotiation and resulted in Logicor securing the ideal candidate within the timeframe required.​


​Using the market map Anzurra were able to improve local knowledge, brand recognition, speed to identify and hire talent, and deliver key market insight.

Anzurra advised the client on the unique aspects of salary and package such as; pension, benefits and expectations within the market. This was not only useful for this specific hire but can also be used moving forward and provided a blueprint for future requirements in Denmark.

This has saved the client time and money that may have potentially been lost without a structured market and talent acquisition strategy when expanding into a new market. The client also has a pipeline of talent to revisit when further hires are needed.

Ultimately, Anzurra was able to complete the assignment for the client, placing an international candidate with extensive local knowledge and industry expertise.

The client now has a physical footprint in a new country, a comprehensive overview of the talent in Danish real estate, a pipeline of talent for the future and a compelling market message.


"We did not have a person in-place in Copenhagen and the market was new. Anzurra knew the Danish real estate market and had successfully completed international searches previously.

Satisfied in every aspect. Well prepared people, proactive process and attitude, transparent process, prompt replies all questions. Trust has been really gained now

Biggest surprise was how quick Anzurra presented long list and short list. Obviously, a reason for this is their methodology to screen the market so they know already part of the candidates which was good for the process. They also attended the actual interviews and afterwards had very good and detail level comments and observations about the candidates."