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Fixing a False Reputation


Anzurra was approached by an established specialist law firm with 19 Lawyers to assist with recruiting a Partner and two Senior Attorney’s as part of their expansion plans. 

The business had already tried working with several local search companies. They had paid upfront fees on two occasions to engage with head-hunters – the first did not produce a shortlist of candidates. The second company did, however, the candidates then said they had no desire to interview with our client. Ultimately, neither company delivered.

The client has a track record of delivering legal solutions to international companies entering Denmark as well as Danish companies that operate internationally.

This global approach meant that their talent attraction requirement was not just local but one which also required a global outlook.


Attracting talent both within and outside of Denmark for an SME law firm, which did not have the brand recognition of larger more established businesses, is challenging.  

Our client was also apprehensive with engaging with another search firm based on their previous experiences. 


Analysing brand and reputation and using it to your advantage creates a streamlined and effective talent attraction plan. Working closely with our client to understand their business, culture and working environment, as well as future business plan, we were able to identify their USP (unique selling point). Through cultivating a specific network which beyond skillsets identified personal fits, we ensured that there was an alignment between the needs and desires of both our client and the candidates. By giving our client access to our marketing manager they were able to devise a new market strategy.

In this instance our client could not offer the brand and presence of a large firm, but they could offer an entrepreneurial environment where there is variation in content of work and the route to Partner level is much shorter than that of many of their competitors. Through targeting professionals who had ‘reached a ceiling’ in their current role and who were looking for more influence and engagement from the company executives, Anzurra talent pooled a small number of candidates but a talent pool that was specifically suited to our client. 

Anzurra worked closely with our client to give them visibility on not just their immediate network but one which was representative of both the local and international network which they needed to access. As Danish focused business with international experience Anzurra is able to attract the best global talent to the local market.

Being aware of many of our client’s previous bad experiences with other search firms, Anzurra ensures both hard work, quality of work and practice area specialists. As such we do not charge any fees to take on a search – they only apply once we have delivered a shortlist which our clients are satisfied with and which they wish to take through to interview. We ensure that all candidates are accurately briefed on our clients and if requested for interview, they then participate in a formal process.

From listening to our clients pain and being adaptable to their needs, Anzurra addressed any concerns they had and worked with the business, rather than against it, to add value to their growth strategy by delivering a transparent and relevant search process which played towards their brand strengths.


Through our local talent and global network, understanding our client’s reputation and perception and by taking the searches on without cost, it gave the client the confidence to engage with Anzurra.

Our tailored and collaborative approach led to the successful delivery of all three searches.

Our client now understands their USP’s which has enabled them to adapt their brand and in turn has attracted interest from future employee prospects through to new clients – this is in part due to those parties feeling aligned to the company message and values.