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Anzurra partners with their clients to evaluate and assess both candidate personality traits and technical competencies through Talent Assessments.

Our Talent Assessment solution provides a detailed evaluation of an individual’s suitability and aid businesses in making well informed hiring and succession decisions.

They can be used to identify the best talent in the external market, upskill your existing workforce and promote within. Talent Assessments improve cost and time to hire, reduce risk of recruiting the wrong individual, increase retention rates and decrease attrition.

Personal & Cultural

Using personality assessment tools, Anzurra is able to provide comprehensive profiles that give you scientific insight to personal motivators, character traits, preferences and behaviours.

These findings coupled with technical assessments and background checks are key when making a new hire or developing current employees.


Resumes are great starting points when evaluating suitability however, they do not provide a full picture of the individual’s technical understanding and know-how.  

We create technical assessment sessions that allow you to fully evaluate a candidate’s experience and technical abilities, providing vital insight to their suitability for business and project critical requirements.